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Firefox Sync Unknown Error?

Since I have two Mac (an iMac and a MacBook Air) I have some problem syncing my bookmarks with the Firefox Sync service. I get unknown error in the status bar of both browser. It turns out it can be solve easily, but you need to know how.

To solve the problem:

  1. Go to the sync tab in your firefox preferences (edit -> preferences)
  2. Uncheck everything except passwords and close. 
  3. Do a sync by double clicking the sync in the status bar (bottom of firefox)
  4. Go back to the sync tab and reenable one by one what you need, doing a sync in between.

You may want to backup your bookmarks to stay on the safe side (before doing this procedure - I did not, living dangerously).

  1. In Firefox menu: go to bookmarks -> Organize bookmarks. 
  2. Select All bookmarks
  3. Use the Star icon tool at the top to backup of your bookmarks.

Clean Firefox Address Bar History

The Firefox address bar auto-suggest feature is very useful, but sometime it gets to crowned with many URLs.

You may want to start fresh by cleaning it all using the Clear Recent History functionality in the Tools menu. Select Browsing & Download History and set the time range to: Everything.


You may want to be more granular and delete an individual entry from the History in Firefox. Just highlight the URL (either in the History sidebar or in the address bar drop-down) and press Shift+Delete. Gone, it’s that easy!

Other Firefox Hacks here.


Solution For Choppy And Lagging Video Playback In Mac Firefox

If you are experiencing choppy and lagging video playback in YouTube or any other sites with embeded video Flash player using Firefox on a Mac, I suggest you try this solution before considering switching to Safari.

  1. In the finder navigate: Macintosh HD> Library> Internet plug-ins.
  2. Move the file “QuickTime Plugin.webplugin” from that directory to another one you have created. I moved mine to “Internet plug-ins (disabled)”.
  3. Leave just the “QuickTime Plugin.plugin” file there unmoved.
  4. Restart your Firefox browser.

It worked for me. And all the in-brower quicktime videos were still working on Apple.com/trailers.

On another note, you may consider Perian for all your personal needs regarding desktop video playback using Quicktime.


Prototype of what Ubiquity might look like in Firefox, also known as TaskFox

One word: God!

(via ReadWriteWeb)


Google Chrome Browser - What I think

Ok I have read about Chrome on about every major blogs. There is no version yet for Mac, only for Windows. I still decided to download and install it on Windows under the virtual machine Parallels.

What is my first thought about it? IT’S FAST, BLAZING FAST. Just starting the browser is amazingly fast, less than 1.2 seconds! Just their I was convinced that Google is on something big.

Then I tried loading intensive AJAX web apps, all at the same time, in different tabs: Gmail, GCalendar, Docs, Picasa, Facebook and Netvibes. Again BLAZING FAST and stable.

They have place the content as the center of the experience, minimizing the interface to its minimum:

  • The navigation is minimized to back, forward, refresh, the address bar, control and options.
  • The taps are over the address bar and not under it, making more sense as each of them as kind of its own address bar.
  • Each new tab presents your most visited pages in thumbnails view.
  • Your bookmarks bar are located in the content area, you simply need to open a new tab to have access to it (if desired, you can make it permanent and attach to the browser interface with a simple option in the preferences).
  • The address bar is merged with the search box to form a single bar that Google call the Omnibox. You simply need to type your query or URL directly in the bar to get directly to the search result page or to the desired domain name. You also can achieved that with Firefox with a little tweak.

After all, having a browser clotted with links bar, search bar, tools bar, navigation bar, status bar and whatever add-on bars make no sense. You are using your browser to mainly read content and use web apps.

As I said back in a comment, too bad Chrome is not offered on Mac yet and does not integrate the add-ons of Firefox, because I already had switch to it.


Mozilla Firefox 3 RC1 (or RC2) - Keep your old Add-ons working

I recently decided to install Firefox 3 RC1 as the browser was pretty solid since the last beta 5 version.

Before I jump as an early adopter, I checked if I had a replacement or at least a solution to keep all my current add-ons working with the new RC1 version. When you have unleash the power of the add-ons in Firefox, you cannot use any other browser on the planet.

For the ones who use all my add-ons to improve their browsing experience and productivity with Firefox, here’s what I did to make it work:

  • I first installed Firefox 3 RC1 over the latest version.

  • I upgraded all existing add-ons that was existing for Firefox 3 RC1 (only one exist at the time - Firesizer (little tool to resize your browser to pre-defined dimensions).

  • I installed the Nightly Tester Tool add-on to remove the security check on all currently install Firefox add-ons that doesn’t currently complied with RC1 standards.

    After installation, I noticed that the Firefox session overide of Tab Mix Plus was not working anymore, but all the other preferences of the add-on was still performing as before. Something I was able to live with.

    Two other add-ons was also not performing:

  • All-In-One Gestures was not working and I was in need to find a replacement for it. I find a good one in FireGestures.

  • Drag de Go my favorite and cannot-live-without-it add-on was also not working and I had to replace it with the functionnal Easy DragToGo.

As a old friend told me, when you’ll upgrade, you will never go back to the old Firefox 2. And today, I must agree, the experience is wonderfull if not amazing. Fast application startup, blasting fast web page loading and better use of internal memory.

Let me know about your experience if you decide to jump…


Improve your Firefox Search and Browsing Experience

Long time ago, at least it sound like it in our Internet Age, I was using Maxthon (also known as MyIE2), a freeware web browser based on Internet Explorer. That browser was amazing, not only because it adds tabs to the current Internet Explorer 5, but also because everything was thought to improve your browsing experience.

It took me a long time before switching to Firefox, at least until all the add-ons (extensions) existed to get the same browsing experience I had with Maxthon. Today Firefox represent near 40% of the browsers market share and can be extended with more than hundreds of add-ons. If you ask me today, if I will consider another browser, I will tell you that is really unlikely because my experience with Firefox is at its peak.

Now I will show you my experience and all what you need to set it up for yourself.

First download Mozilla Firefox (if you don’t already have it) and the following…

Essential Firefox add-ons:

  • Tab Mix Plus to enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities. You can download my current Tab Mix Plus settings and import it (click on the settings button at the button of the add-on preferences pane and choose import settings).
  • Drag de Go to execute several commands (open link,save link, search selected text) by the direction you drag and drop. Here’s my current Drag de Go settings that you can import the same way you did it for Tab Mix Plus.
  • All-in-One Gestures to execute common commands using mouse gestures, rocker navigation, scroll wheel navigation and page. Don’t forget to choose the mouse button you wish to use with your mouse gesture in the add-on preferences pane under the tab Advanced Prefs #1.
  • FaviconizeTab to adjust the tab width of your most-used sites to becomes small up to the size of favicon. Enter the URLs you wish to faviconized in the add-on preferences pane. Don’t forget to add the /* at the end of all your URLs to make sure all the folders/pages under the main address are included.

Before your begin tweaking FireFox and its add-ons I suggest that you to learn some very…

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Open Location (Command+L | CRTL+L on Windows): If you only need to learn one keyboard shortcut, then learn this one. It focus your cursor in the Address bar, so you are always ready to type an URL. If an URL has already been type, you’ll notice that it’s selected so you can replace it easily.
  • Add www. and .com to any domain (Command+Enter | CTRL+Enter): Type a domain without the www. and .com in the address bar and just press the keyboard shortcut, notice that it add for you the www. and .com before and after the domain you had type. Quick and easy!
  • History Back and Forward (Command+Left & Right Arrow Keys | CRTL+Arrows): Press the keyboard shortcut to simply move backward or forward in you browsing history.
  • Move between browser tabs (Command+Option (CTRL+ALT on Windows)+Left & Right Arrow keys): Move between browser tabs using your arrow keys. You can also press Command + number key to access a specific browser tab (i.e. Command+1 to access the first one, Command+2 to access the second one, and so on up to 9).

To merge your Address bar with the Google Search bar simply follow the next steps:

  1. Type about:config in your address bar
  2. Type keyword.URL in the filter input
  3. Double-click on the current Value and paste the following URL: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=

After those three simple steps, every keyword or keyphrase you enter in your address bar will be a query in the Google Search Engine.

To setup other quick searches with different search engines or website:

  1. Open your favorite site
  2. Do a simple query in the input search box
  3. Look at the URL in the address bar and notice where the keyword or keyphrase you had type is. (on IMDB for example a query for Men will return http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=Men&x=0&y=0 in the address bar)
  4. Bookmark the link
  5. Open your bookmark sidebar, right-click on the bookmark and select properties.
  6. Change the name of the bookmark for more suitable one (optional)
  7. In the Location input go where the keyword or keyphrase is in the URL and change it for %s. (in the last example it will give http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=%s&x=0&y=0)

  8. Assign a Keyword for that bookmark (mv in the last example will be a good choice).
  9. Now try a search query in the address bar. (in the last example I will try mv Spiderman - notice the space between mv and my keyword).

You may also want to consider those very useful additional add-ons:

  • Foxmark Bookmarks Synchronizer to backup and synchronize your bookmarks automatically between your Foxmark private and secure account and all the computer(s) where you have installed the add-ons.
  • Linkification to convert unclickable text links into genuine, clickable links.
  • Perl Crescent Page Saver Basic to save an image copy (in PNG or other) of your browser window (including the none visible part below the scroll bar).
  • TinyURL Creator to easily create a tiny and easy URL to copy from the long url you get some times in your address bar. To use it, simply right-click the page you are and choose Create TinyURL. The current URL of your address bar is sent to TinyURL.com service and the Tiny link is automatically copied in your clipboard, ready to be paste wherever you want.
  • Firesizer let you resize the window to specific dimensions. Specially good for designers and developers.

Regarding the Theme that I use to transform my Firefox skin into the one of Safari here are the links: